Thursday, January 05, 2006


My husband continues to surprise me! He must've gotten a very big box from Knit Picks, because this is what I found under the tree for me!

This is the Merino-style sampler pack, the pattern for another set of mittens, some fancy row counters and apair of Addi turbos. Oh yes -- a chocolate bar as well!

The man must be hoping for some new mittens this winter!

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Alia said...

Ooo. I've been drooling on the catalog page with that sampler, but I keep telling myself that surely I have stash enough without adding such a "wahboom" of single skeins. (Until I became a bit more experienced, and overwhelmed by stash, I had a terrible habit of picking up a single skein of some outrageously lovely, expensive yarn. Now I'm stuck trying to figure out what on earth to do with these orphans.) Mmm, that is a lovely prismatic array...

(My birthday's in late December, too. My knitting buddy gave me a couple of big skeins of "Banana silk" yarn to play with. Feels like silk, made from banana plants. She also gave me chocolate. Here's to yarn and chocolate!)