Thursday, January 26, 2006

Finished -- maybe

I finished knitting and seaming the baby set for my brother's soon-to-be granddaughter. Except for the buttons. I have a million buttons saved from previous sewing projects, worn out shirts, wild and crazy impulse purchases. You would think that in the 30-plus years of collecting buttons I would have four tiny pink buttons. Well, I would have thought so. But no, I have two pink buttons, or three pink buttons, or four huge pink buttons. But it was fun searching through all the buttons in the can.

I will be visiting a fabric shop in the near future to find suitable buttons.

In the meantime, I am wondering about the feasibility of creating a little hat to accompany the sacque and booties. I could use the lace pattern for the front part and the solid stockinette stitch pattern for the back and decreases. Hmm. This would nicely use up the remaining yarn as well. Must go searching for little bonnet patterns to modify.

The yarn is Cuddlesoft -- acrylic with a nylon twist. I don't like it. It's plenty soft for the new baby ... but the nylon strand wants to separate from the acrylic and fuzz a bit. And I must admit that I've gotten spoiled by the merino and alpaca wools I have been using. They are so much nicer than acrylic.

Today is the second visit to the dentist to finish off the root canal, hopefully without pain. Then we will be having dinner with the step-daughter and her boyfriend! Yippee! Life doesn't get much better.


Jacqui said...

The baby set turned out beautiful! I hear ya on finding the right buttons though.

I made a little sweater for MY brother's new step-grandson this summer (and I never even put it on my blog! tsk tsk) and I found some really cute teddy bear buttons on a trip to the Alora Gorge. I ended up using snaps to make life easier for the Mom and put the buttons on just for show.

Kathleen said...

Your button stash sounds like my button stash. :) Either the buttons are the wrong size, or the wrong look, or they're completely PERFECT but I'm one short. Sigh.

Beautiful little baby set. :)