Thursday, January 19, 2006

May I say "I told you so!"?

've had a sore tooth for months ... literally. I went to the dentist back in April and complained that it hurt. The dentist said that the filling was loose and it needed to be redone. I asked if the tooth was cracked, and was assured it was not. Fine. I can do the filling thing. So we did.

The tooth still hurt. Five months later, it was hurting continuously. I called my previous dentist in Toronto, and he said "come on in." Took x-rays. Commented that the filling was very large, and the dentist had overfilled the cavity. I asked if the tooth was cracked, and he said not. When the filling smacked down onto the ceramic crown ont the lower tooth -- of course it hurt! And that was the problem. So he filed and shaped the filling. That hurt! Ouch!

The tooth STILL hurt! Only now it hurts continuously. Called the dentist again. The next step is to have a root canal. Which I really don't like, because they hurt, but the promise is that the pain will stop.

Yesterday was the big day. The dentist drilled out the filling. Guess what? The tooth was cracked! Just as I predicted. Can I say "I told you so!" now?

Proceeded with the root canal. Dentist says I was "jumpy." Of course I was, you twit! You didn't give me enough pain medicine. He gave me more. I was still "jumpy." Don't you just love it when someone assures you that something doesn't hurt, but it does -- hurts a helluvalot in fact? I wish I'd had the nerve to grab his balls and squeeze, and then ask if we were gonna hurt each other ... Of course, then I'd never be able to go back to that dentist ... But the thoughts of that ...

In any event, the root canal proceeded apace. The very excellent news is that the tooth doesn't hurt continuously. The dentist did warn me that I would be sore today, and he isn't kidding. It hurts -- but only when I gnash my teeth. Perhaps this is when I finally learn to stop gnashing, she asks hopefully.

And here is what I look like today -- for the first time in weeks --

OK. Taking pictures of yourself isn't as easy as it looks.

I have almost finished seaming the baby kimono ... now to find the crochet hook for the edging. Then the booties. After that, I get to start training for the Knitting Olympics!


Jacqui said...

Oh no. Nothing worse than problems - achey problems - with your teeth. I can empathize; I had a crown removed for replacement two days ago. I'm ok today but yesterday was tender.

At least they found the problem and you're in the homestretch. I also REALLY like your idea of reciprocating the pain; don't think it would work with my dentist though. She's a woman. ;)

Carina said...

Wow. That sounds bad. Dentists are artists as well as scientists, and sometimes they just don't get it right. *sigh*

Hey, come visit your brother (does he play at the Barrista Blues Cafe or the other one downtown whose name escapes me at the moment?) in Battle Creek, and we'll meet up! It's a nice town, and there's more and more available all the time.

Ameloblast said...

Umm, how deep was the crack? How do you know that the crack won't be a problem down the road?

Ameloblast said...

Thanks for the note on my blog. I don't think you will be able to get my email reply because you've blocked your email on Blogger. But to answer your million dollar question about how I found your blog: I run a standing search on for things that interest me...