Monday, January 09, 2006

The man deserves mittens

My husband was so kind to me for my birthday and Christmas. Not only did he make my favorite meal for my birthday, he gave me a sampler pack of Simply Stripes from Knit Picks. Then he followed that up by assisting with Christmas dinner, AND giving me more wool from Knit Picks. Ahem. And he gave me chocolate.

For that, the man deserves mittens.

So I sat down with some wool, purchased specially for this project, and here you see, the mitts anxiously awaiting their adventures outside.

The wool is Paton's Classic Wool Merino, in red (#230) and aran blanc (#202). The pattern? Well, I wanted to make the mitts double thick so that they would wear longer and be warmer for him. So I experimented with two-colour ribbing. That was fun. I purled with the white and knit the red stitches.

The body of the mittens are a pattern that is 8 stitches by 12 rows. This was convenient since I had a multiple of 8 stitches for the hand portion. For the thumb gore, I decided to try to outline it with white, and have the stripes move. Kind of a candy cane idea, you know?

My husband reports that the mittens feel nice, especially now that's worn them. He wondered about them being a tad wider and longer, but seems to think they are just right.

Now for a hat ... preferably not in the candy can pattern. Hmm.

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laura said...

Hi Carol, I've sent several emails to you but no response - perhaps they were labeled as junk mail?
Anyway, you've been on the queue of the GTA knit blog ring because your code isn't properly set up - there are two places in the code which currently read id=1 and should be id=108. Please fix this and then you will be added.