Friday, September 10, 2004

Ah ... Friday at last!

Spent an enjoyable evening knitting with my Addi turbos and that wonderful Galway wool. The windcheater dimensions are HUGE! Showed D. how large it would be and we agreed that it should be scaled back a bit. OK. Can do!

Just love those Addis. Have demonstrated to both D. and C. how to read my new knitting book and see what needles I have. Just so that they don't duplicate needles, ya know?

Feeling blue today. For what reason I have no idea. Didn't clue in to the anniversary of 9/11, so that's not it. Really am not distressed that the firm didn't implode last night, so that's not it. Have a job, so that's not it. Wish I could figure it out. I HATE feeling like I'm gonna cry all the time.

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