Tuesday, September 07, 2004

September 7

Yippee! I finished the last sock ... well, for a bit anyway. Still waiting for a package in the mail with two more balls of sock yarn ... so that I can make um ... three more socks! Then what to do with the leftovers? I am wondering if I could squeeze some baby socks out of the remainders ...

Which means my needles are trying to be empty! Fat chance! I am going to be putting straps on the tube top I made for my daughter. (Shadow, made with Rowan Calmer) Don't know how it got to be too large, especially since my gauge was slightly tighter than suggested. But now I will just pick up stitches at the top of the cables and carry them up and over the shoulders. Shouldn't take too long ... I hope.

The more I read blogs and Knit 'n Chat (at Delphi forums), the more I realize that I am strange. It really bugs me to have more than one project on the go. I wonder why that is.

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