Saturday, September 11, 2004

What a day!

What a day. And again, what a day.

After months of anticipation, I visited the Wool Queen in Oshawa. Can you say disappointment? Can you say let-down? Can you say not as advertised? All of the above. Small, limited selection, and not enough yarn for the sweater I wanted to make. And I tried three different yarns, and she couldn't do it. Not once. Grumble.

This means that my current favorite yarn store is still in Ann Arbor -- 4.5 hours of driving. Rather far, I'd say. Not o mention that I'd have to pay import duty and that stuff.


But on a lighter note ... The windcheater I am making for D. has a completed back (sans edgings) and a good start on the front. Hurray! The yarn is Galway -- an Irish worsted knitting wool, 100% wool. Just absolutely delightful wool. Truly a delight to work with.

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