Thursday, September 09, 2004

Thursday ... Raining again!

Well, it's Thursday morning, and it is pouring. Not just raining. Pouring. As if we haven't had enough rain! And, even worse, I have to get up and go to work. At least it's payday. And that means only one more day until the weekend!

Finished the straps on daughter's tube top. Tonight I'll get pictures and post in my photo album. Started husband's Windcheater ... otherwise known as a dickie for us Yankees. Thank goodness I get to use my second pair of Addi turbos! They are so wonderful.

I made a point of showing C. where my new knitting book is, and how to use it. There's a page where I list the Addi turbos that I actually own. So that she can see what size to get me next. Also, I told her that there will be pages in there for projects I want to make, as well as notations on the projects I actually complete. All this right under D.'s nose so that he, too, will be able to figure out what to get me. Sometimes tact isn't enough.

The windcheater is made from a lovely 4-ply yarn imported from Ireland. 100% wool, and a light sage green. More details later, of course. D. was muttering something about not knowing if he'd actually wear it. He better -- or let me wear it skiing. One or the other. Or else! Anyway, it's a 4-ply knitting worsted weight, knit on size 3 (American) needles. Can you say tight-knit? But not painful. Interesting. It'll be great. I'm kinda hoping he doesn't want to wear it!

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