Monday, September 13, 2004

Monday -- ack!

Monday ... well, at least the sun was shining today.

Grizzly day at work, doing bank rec. Looking forward to a bit of time in my rocking chair and my knitting. D.'s windcheater is coming along nicely. Except that I've shortened it both front and back, which means I had to redo the math for how many stitches to pick up for the edging. Not too bad, really. BUT ... since I shortened the front, will the head-opening be large enough for the head to fit through? THAT is the million dollar question. And add to it the fact that he doesn't like turtlenecks anyway ... I do hope he wears it. Am thinking that possibly I will just make a button placket on the shoulder and up the collar and avoid the "not fitting" syndrome.

On another note ... visited Wool Queen in Oshawa on Saturday. Rather a disappointment. All that waiting and dreaming ... small yarn shop, limited selection. Makes that one in Ann Arbor look mighty inviting.

Took C. with me Saturday, hoping to pick out some yarn for another sweater for her. Found a couple that she likes ... not enough in stock to make a sweater. Of course, she can order it for me ... rather difficult to tell when I'm gonna be able to get back in there ... I passed.

Waiting with bated breath for October 16.

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