Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Thanks a million.

Turns out that my step-daughter wasn't quite done with her holiday shopping when she visited us at Christmas. She informed me that my gift was out in New Brunswick and I'd be getting it in January.

Last week after Phase II of the Root-Canal-From-Hell we arranged to meet Ems and Kenny for dinner. After dinner (chicken soup for those that are interested), I was presented with the following HAND SPUN wool!

Isn't this beautiful? Apparently Kenny's family lives on a farm and the wool was spun by his mother from animals living on the farm. The brown is a bulky weight and destined to be a hat. The multi-coloured skeins are more of a DK weight and will possibly become warm socks. The grey ... hmm ... hasn't really mentioned what it wants to be when it grows up. It has flecks of silk spun into it and is SO soft and cuddly. Right now, it just wants to be cuddled.

Did I mention that my tooth didn't hurt for a whole 10 minutes while I fondled the yarn?

And my step-daughter is awesome! Thanks a million, kiddo, for the wonderful gift. So is Kenny's mum. Thanks a million.


Samantha said...

That yarn is gorgeous! You are very a very lucky girl. :) I love the baby set you knit for your brother's soon-to-be Granddaughter.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I agree completely, a healthy baby is the #1 wish and hope. I've heard of too many doctors being wrong when it comes to guessing baby's gender without an ultrasound too, so everything I knit will be gender neutral. LOL

Jacqui said...

You've got some connections there! lol And how great is it that she thought of you when she had access to that gorgeous yarn. You've obviously done something right. ;)