Friday, February 10, 2006

Just when we got snow ...

I've been visiting a local church on Wednesday mornings for a crafting circle. The suggested charity (for those of us who wish) is the Durham Crisis Pregnancy Centre. The goal is to have a hand-made layette for each young woman who contacts the centre. I have contributed this baby blanket. It's a simple lace pattern bordered by an 8-stitch garter stitch panel. Easy as pie, and the acrylic yarn should hold up wonderfully. All told, this blanket consumed 26 ounces of stash acrylic -- all inherited from my dear friend, Randi. I know she would approve of this use her stash.

I believe I've mentioned that I'm pretty much a one-project kind of knitter, right? That I get crazy when I have multiple projects going -- and that invariably one project gets slid to the bottom of the project list and ignored? Well, this time around it's the VanGogh scarf. Such a simple project, and so beautiful. But so ignored. I'm working the second half of the scarf now, and the little-bitty balls of wool are what is left of the original balls. Plenty of wool, in spite of the directions telling me to "be frugal." Whew! I was worried there for a bit.

In other news, you do know what today is, right?
Today is Day One of the Olympics -- which means that at 2:00 pm (all right--twelve minutes ago) I can start my Olympic Knitting. Check out Stephanie's Blog for the Olympic Knitting pledge. I was doing all right, until I got to the part where I'm supposed to continue conversing with my family ... I did note that she did *NOT* include marital relations in her list of things that must continue during the Olympics. Was that an intentional oversight I wonder? Or did it just slip her mind because she's traveling this weekend.

Did I mention that Stephanie has an intense dislike for entrelac? As in she'll never do it again? I'm afraid ... very afraid!

My young son was kind enough to explain to me, in simple language, how to post more than one picture to an entry. Isn't he clever? Must make him something spectacular for Christmas this year.


Amie said...

I hate entrelac too. I can knit backwards (and do so frequently) but blech.

I am sitting here wondering if the bottom of that lace pattern scallops (is that a verb?) or if you have some ingenious design technique to make it evenly square....

Renee said...

Did you purchase the pattern for the baby blanket? Where can I get a copy of it, I have two baby blankets to knit for a fellow co-worker.