Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Life is good!

Remember my other daughter? The one that arrived last week? She's settling in nicely.

This morning she asked for some extra needles and some yarn that she could play with. How cool is this?

Just to add to the excitement, my step-daughter and her friend have arrived for a short visit. You know -- the step-daughter who gave me the luscious yarn for Christmas. With the friend who has a mother out in Nova Scotia who spins.

Well, it turns out that he knows how to knit. Doubly cool in my humble opinion. Unfortunately, he is extremely camera shy when knitting is in hand. So there's no picture. But I am enjoying having other knitting enthusiasts around.

Speaking of enthusiasm, here's a photo of my Olympic progress. This is most of the back of my shell. What remains is to pick up and knit the stitches for the side gusset. Piece of cake.

Did I mention that I dislike picking up stitches? Oh. I suppose entrelac is not for someone who dislikes picking up stitches. Guess I'll start to enjoy picking up stitches, eh?

All in all, entrelac isn't quite the nightmare I feared it would be. But that, of course, is after having obtained some better directions than contained in my magazine. And making a few notes in the side margins of my pattern. What was that Olympic motto? Higher, farther, faster. Something like that.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carol anf family, Im not sure how I stumbelled on to your web page, Im sure you know us we are noted as the Hind Family at those great Tanglefoot Concerts ( great people arnt they) I thought I would just pop on to say Hi >>>>>

Lisa (Hind Family)