Monday, February 13, 2006

A work in progress ...

Friday afternoon I gleefully cast on for my entrelac olympic project. I completed row one. I completed row two. I completed row three. It looked funny. I ripped it back.

Once again, I completed row three. It still looked funny. But -- hey, I can follow directions! So then I did row four. It looked really funny now. I ripped it back. By this time, my husband and daughters were wondering if it was time to retrieve the emergency bottle of wine. (I assured them it wasn't.)

Undaunted, I dialed up the internet and went searching for a tutorial on entrelac. Found it and read carefully. The directions came from Knitting.About, and were even colour-coded. How handy is that?

With these additional directions in hand, I proceeded ever-so-carefully into row three. Then, reading two sets of directions simultaneously, I went to row four. Success! Now I had a straight edge at the side of my knitting.

And this is how it looks today:

I'm excited. I am going to be able to finish this by the end of the Olympics! I will! I will!

For the record, I even started a load of laundry today, as well as ran the dustmop around the bedroom AND vacuumed. Just to cap it all off -- I had a 2-hour walk with my friend AND

Tonight for dinner is roast chicken with stuffing. Yes, indeed. I made the stuffing and stuffed the chicken with my own little hands. (Well, I did have help with the slicing and dicing of vegetables for the stuffing.)

For those who asked, the pattern for the baby afghan was kind of made up. I cast on 177 stitches, started with an 8-row garter stitch border, and then kept 8 stitches at each border in garter stitch. The interior pattern is a simple horseshoe print lace pattern, worked over a multiple of 10 stitches plus one -- hence the 177 stitch cast-on. I'm hoping that the upper edge will somehow magically swoop like the lower edge ... or else I'll block them both straight tomorrow evening before I go to the knitting group on Wednesday morning.

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Holy're a force in the universe! :)