Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Other Daughter

A year ago, my daughter's best friend was sent to live in Calgary. She and her mother just couldn't survive in the same household.

This child spent almost as much time in my home as she did her own. Even though she is older than my daughter, the connection between the two of them is a joy to behold.

We were fortunate to see Brandi twice in the last year. She came back this summer for a brief visit and the girls spent several hours giggling and laughing. She also came back for a weekend visit in November, at which time the girls were able to spend an entire Sunday together. The highlight was seeing HIM in concert.

Because of the hours spent in my home, crying over the situation at her home, enjoying the laughter and silliness at mine, Brandi became a very much a daughter. She grew in my heart, not under it. When she left, I could not look out the windows of my house because from them I could see where Brandi used to live. I wept for my heartbreak, for my daughter's heartbreak, and especially for Brandi's.

Over the year, the connection between Brandi and my daughter has remained constant. So much so that Brandi finished her high school education a semester early ... and this is what I found at Pearson Airport today:

The girls are busy unpacking and settling in together. It is such a joy to hear the unrestrained laughter emanating from them. It overshadows even the rock music.

Am I lucky or what?


Jacqui said...

What a lucky girl to have someone like you in her life. Good for all of you!

Renee said...

Please pass the kleenex, you are all three very blessed.