Friday, February 24, 2006

My knitting bag is empty!

My Olympic entry is finished! Seamed, blocked and modeled!

You know what the problem is with summer? Well, actually, the problem isn't with summer. It's the clothing you wear in the summer. NOW that I've seen the picture ... well, let's just say that the exercise routine must commence post-haste.

This morning, while I was refilling my knitting bag, Meme decided to come visit. She was a rescue kitty from the Humane Society, acquired when she was about 4 months old. Unfortunately, she had received little or no human contact at the shelter, and she remains to this day rather feral. (Note--feral, not fair isle!) When she deigns to sit on one's lap, which isn't often, you find things to do that don't require moving around. Knitting, for example ...

She actually stayed for an entire hour, which is very close to a record.

I also finished the Van Gogh stole, purchased at the Waterloo fair. Here it is, being modeled by myself. Please ... for the love of all things wooly, ignore the squinty eyes, the double chin and the funky hair. Focus on the knit ... feel the love ...

Currently in the knitting bag -- a "shop-til-you-drop" bag from the 2005 Pattern-a-Day calendar, a baby blanket for the local pregnancy centre (seen being started while Meme visits), AND a raglan pullover for the Dulaan project. That's three -- count 'em -- projects on the go. Waiting in the wings is a surprise for my daughter-in-law. She finished her Master's degree in chemistry. I think that deserves a surprise. Don't you?


Celtic Knitter said...

The kitty is so cute!

You're in the Dulaan project too?!? That's so great!! So am I . . . I have 2 projects done but I got a lot more to do.

Elizabeth said...

You look very happy in your olympic gold with that very cool scarf!
There's nothing better than a warm lap. Last night my cat Seamus stayed on my lap for over an hour - not usual at all - he was keeping us both warm and filling in for the missing kitty, I think.